Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Bucket List

I am so ashamed.

I haven't posted for over a year or more. I was completely eaten by requirements and personal ventures, that I have forgotten the wonders of blogging. Another embarrassing revelation is the slow decline of my vocabulary bucket. I seem to have faded into the background of metaphors. The fact that I haven't touched a decent novel for months felt like sin itself. I need to get back to my good old days- where dreams become my living breath. Nah, I still have tons of things to do, so I'd settle for this bucket list challenge instigated by our Intercultural Communication Instructor.

1. Pray. Eat. Laugh 
I'd like to express my faith with the company of food and friends. I have a couple of close friends who'd like to see the majestic infrastructures of the city within a city. I might not get the chance to greet the Pope personally, but there are many places to conquer, I mean visit in this wonderful land. Vatican city is the perfect spot for self-reflection topped with lots of fun-filled jaw dropping moments.
2. Falling Feels Like Flying
Up or down? Who cares! As long as I could dive from a thousand feet mountain in Switzerland. I once joked about losing consciousness in the midst of sky diving, but now that I thought of it, it may actually be possible. My knees would tremble from the pressure, and I probably won't be able to stand for a few minutes after doing this dauntless feat. Well, that's the downside after letting go of all emotion and stress from a hard day's work.
3. Love and Fear
I wanna get married underwater in Palawan. I have a slight fear of drowning, so I'd love to take the challenge and probably surprise my future hubby (whoever he is). There may be more than one innuendo to this, but I'd like to relish both love, fear and excitement at once. All my relationships are Plutonic ever since I was birthed by my mother, so I haven't had the chance to use endearments on anyone. As far as I know, I'm already filled with the love of friends and family, so no need to look for the attention from that significant other. Perhaps my prince just got lost in the woods or forgot the poem he wrote for me, that's why he's taken an ample amount of time to find me.
4. Selfie Moment with "the king"
Everyone who watched Game of Thrones must be quite familiar with King Jeoffrey and his sadistic and egotistic ways. I was captivated by his prowess in acting, considering that he's an aspiring comedian. I'd like to take a selfie with Jack Gleeson aka King Jeoffrey once I get my lazy bum to Ireland someday.
5. Colorful Skies
Oh Northern lights! I wanna see you for real, so I'd go fly over to Norway to get the best view of my colorful and dreamy sky.
6. My World Beyond Paper
The dream of writing and publishing a novel has not lost its appeal to me. In fact, it grows stronger each time. I'd love to live in a riveting world where secret doors lead to wonderland. Cliche, but true. In the future where I live, I'd like my house to be cluttered with books; books on stands, books on walls, books on the bathroom, books in every nook and cranny of my threshold.
7. Drool Over a Kabuki - A kabbuki is actually a traditional Japanese dance theatre play, whose entire cast is made of men. Yes men! Even female roles are filled with alluring men whose acting skills could fool the ignorant. //wink
8. A Student of Hogwarts for a Day
London is the place for Harry Potter and company. I've read the book and watched the movies, so what's stopping me from visiting the set of the renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry?
9. Food Porn to the Nth Level
Controlling my food intake is harder than balancing accounting stuff. So yeah, I'd visit the best restaurants just to experience different mouthwatering moments. I'd love to savor every bite of every dish, and still hope that I won't gain that much weight in the process.
10. Walk on Heat
Most people would give me a skeptic look once I mention my crazy dare: walking on an Egyptian desert just to see those terribly ancient blocks formed to become pyramids. Who knows, I might get to see the bones of History itself. I'd love to visit Stonehenge one day too, but the pyramids are on a higher priority in my list

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

i'm a snail

             have you ever felt lethargy creeping in despite all of your efforts to remain active? i've had many experiences with this sort of thing. i fail to amuse myself and others with the procrastination and sloth like manner when dealing with things. i haven't even posted here for eons. and the lowercase letters are all due
my laziness on trying to edit my post. see the effects of lethargy? well, this is just the beginning.

             house chores, reports, deadlines and whatnots are things most people would prioritize in this age
group. i myself am focusing on these things along with constant prayers to our Lord. i'm happy that amidst
all the lethargic deeds i've done, i'm still calling to Him and thanking him for everything that's worth my life. most people would not do the same. anyway, back to the topic. i should be doing other things now, but my lethargy calls for a seat in front of the computer and spending my time on nonsense things. i should be helping
out my grandma who's still in the hospital, but my lethargy calls for a break. all these things make me feel guilty and i just want to stop thinking and let go of my words and post my disappointment on my self.

             the reputation of lethargy comes with a price- i'm slow, direct and hanging on my statements, which is why i'm ending this nonsensical post. i would recommend that whoever reads this would not resort to the same laziness that i'm currently facing, but instead try to deal with life in an active and energetic manner.

Friday, February 1, 2013



      Each of us is bound to some degree of reprieve. In my case, I could always rely on honest communication. We could cross many lines in one word or we could bridge gaps in just a simple tap on the shoulder. Life is easier that way. Apprehensions could be relieved and stress could go one notch lower. I just wish that actual conversations could exist in a time like ours, when technology kills the art of living and degrades the etiquette of language.
       I am not totally against the haste of rising technology today. It actually made things that we once thought impossible happen. I could site a million instances when technology made life easier for me, but what came along with that is a billion moments when life rushes by with a speed of a jet plane- fast and fleeting. Also, communication is more efficient if done personally. However, too much texting, chatting and emailing could break the personal touch that an actual conversation covers.
       There are two ways to communicate to others. It could be done verbally or non-verbally. written communication, speech and conversations are considered verbal communication, whereas gestures, physical reactions and facial expressions are non-verbal ways of communication. There is much to talk when it comes to communicating with different people, but I'd rather not divulge too much, else this post would be too draggy.
       A simple smile or a light hug could actually ease the tension that one feels, although, I myself hates too much skin contact from the opposite sex. I could still attest to my claim earlier concerning the light actions from people. A hug could lift your spirits, or in my case loosen up my anxiety over an interview. 
       Don't forget to tell or show your love to people around you when you have the time, instead of losing the rest of your day to mindless internet gawking. Believe me, the world looks more picturesque when we laugh and comfort one another.

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